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Our Aims & Policies

School Ethos and Values

The school underpins its shared values through the curriculum and everyday school life. These are further built on through ‘Values for Life' – a programme of Collective Worship themes. This is a faith-based approach that is integrated into the daily life of our school and in all we do. They are at the heart of our school and were recently described by a pupil as ‘our school rules'. These values include justice, peace, respect and reverence, friendship, compassion, forgiveness, truthfulness, and responsibility. They are basically Christian values, but also reflect British values and the values of many world faiths.

The school develops British values in a variety of ways. Through Sport and PE good sportsmanship and fairness is developed and underpins games, PE lessons and sports activities. Democracy and Liberty are developed through the School Council, where all pupils have a voice, and through sharing views in discussions, in lessons, assemblies and in every day conversations. Mutual respect is key to this and underpins the schools values. Newsday assemblies generate discussion and pupils show that they respect others views and have respect for other faiths and cultures. Children have a clear understanding of right and wrong and respect rules ensuring high standards and good discipline. Pupils develop self-discipline and encourage and support each other to do the right thing.

As a church school we enjoy close links with the Parish Church and Diocese. Pupils make an active contribution to daily Collective Worship. This includes selecting and singing hymns, reading and responding to prayers, and delivering readings. Tuesday Newsday helps develop local, national and global awareness. Pupils are actively encouraged to engage with the world around them and do so with a caring and Christian perspective, and to develop tolerance and respect for other faiths and cultures.

The Parish incumbent is a regular visitor to school, and is Bishop's Governor. She leads Collective Worship fortnightly and has plans to work with the children to develop a Prayer space for pupils to use independently for reflection and spiritual development.

The school participates in local community events and activities, including the Inter Village games, Village Hall fetes and charity events; and uses the village newsletter to invite the local community to school events.

The broad cross curricular approach to learning provides our pupils with a wealth of creative, imaginative and memorable experiences during their time in school. The wide range of opportunities ensures that pupils develop a love of learning and an appreciation of sport, theatre, music, art, literature etc. Children understand the need to make healthy choices and the school achieved Norfolk Healthy Schools status in 2011 (renewed 2013).

The quality of teaching and the passion and commitment of teachers and support staff help to ensure that pupils are engaged with learning and are encouraged to use and develop their imagination, creativity and curiosity.

The clear vision and values of the school, alongside a well-understood system of choices and consequences, help to ensure that all pupils have a well-developed understanding of right and wrong in their school life and life outside school.

Pupils are very well equipped for secondary education and effective partnership work with the High School helps to ensure a smooth transition and induction into Year 7.


The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is excellent. The positive, caring culture within school helps to ensure that all pupils feel safe in school. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and pupils with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties are well supported.

The school is a warm and cohesive community with an ethos and culture that helps children feel nurtured and genuinely cared for, so that they can thrive. There is a wealth of educational experiences that help to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils.


































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